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San Teodoro Jazz Festival in September, dates to be defined

The San Teodoro Jazz Festival has now become a fixed appointment for all lovers of good music. In the last few years, and precisely since 2016, the vibrant rhythm of Jazz music revives the late summer evenings of San Teodoro.

The idea was born from the Teodorino clarinetist Matteo Pastorino, in close collaboration with the municipal council for culture and the Musicultura Sardegna and San Teodoro Jazz associations, with the aim of making the Festival an event that grows and evolves over the years with proposals for depth and always open to contamination as is the nature of Jazz.

During the evenings of September the town comes alive with the sound of Jazz thanks to the many national and international artists who alternate on stage and the various locations of the Festival. The concerts take place in the background of San Teodoro center, characterized by the main squares, the church and the market stalls that welcome many visitors for the evening stroll The evening then continues in the various clubs, partners of the event, where musicians and spectators share once again the intimate magic of Jazz and its sound deeply rooted in African-American culture.

In recent editions, the preview and closing concerts of the Festival are usually hosted by the suggestive location of the Cala Brandinchi Gardens, a green oasis overlooking the crystalline sea of ​​Cala Brandinchi beach.

We look forward to discovering dates and plann of the 2021 edition of the San Teodoro Jazz Festival. For all updates, consult our website and social pages or the website and related social pages of San Teodoro Jazz Festival.

In the image the preview concert at the Gardens of Cala Brandinchi for the 5th edition which took place in 2020, photo by Paolo Sanna.

The event is ongoing.


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