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Restricted access to the beaches of Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu

21 Giugno 2022

Restricted access to the beaches of Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu

14 June 2022

Updated 14/06: the reservation requirements to access Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu have been postponed to Monday 20th June.

The website www.santeodorospiagge.it is already online, the contents are being updated and several sections, such as the one reserved to accommodation facilities and the English version, are being integrated. On the website, however, it is already possible to view the booking system which from 00.01 on 19/06/2022 will enable the public to book access to the beaches of Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinchi with a few simple clicks. The app for Android and Apple devices will also be available at a later time.

The system will allow visitors to select the beach, the type of user (resident, TARI user, guest of accommodation facilities etc.) and will automatically apply the corresponding rates. We’d like to remind you that the access for residents is free and the system will automatically verify the correspondence of the tax code with the registry of the resident population. Guests of accommodation facilities regularly registered with the municipality of San Teodoro must also enter a code provided by the structure (following the registration to the system of the structures that will be activated in these days). Customers of the beach establishments will have to wait for confirmation of their reservation from the establishment of choice.

Payment can be made by credit card and Paypal through the website or the app. Furthermore, there will be ticket machines installed at the parking entrance which will allow bookings on the spot and cash payments.

The reservation will be valid exclusively for the next day (for example for the day 11/07 bookings will be possible from 00.01 on the 10/07) and only according to remaining availability. Additionally on the website www.santeodorospiagge.it it will be possible to check in real time the availability of entrance tickets to the free beach. Once the procedure is completed, you will receive the booking code by email. It will be in QR format and you will have to show it at the entrance, where the identification bracelets will be distributed.

Note: we remind you that the reservation system is valid only for the reservation and access to the beaches of Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinchi and does not include any parking costs if due.


The experimental project was created to preserve the beauty and the delicate balance of our beaches.

During the latest Town Council, it was established, for the first time in San Teodoro, a restricted access for two of the several beaches of our coast.

The beaches where this experimental project will be adopted are Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu. The project is designed to reduce the anthropogenic load on the beaches – and therefore preserve the beauty and uniqueness of this delicate ecosystem.

These are the main and most useful information excerpted from the “Municipal regulation for the use of the beaches of Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu” (Municipal Council resolution no. 10 of 14.04.2022):

  • The regulation comes from the need to ensure the preservation and protection of the coastal ecosystem, in particular of the beaches of Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu, through the reorganization of an access system, in the hope that limiting the access, the coast will be able to return, as much as possible, to its natural state. The idea is to improve the accessibility and usability of the beach, in order to counteract the process of erosion and degradation of the natural resources, as well as to guarantee improved safety to the visitors.
  • The maximum daily number of bathers for Cala Brandinchi will be 1,447 while for Lu Impostu it will be 3,352 (this number includes visitors with access to the “free beach ” and those making use of the several bathing establishments on the beaches). Children up to 5 years are not taken into account in this number.
  • The restricted access will start, in principle, from  the 15th of June to the 15th of September of each year (except in case of situations of force majeure).
  • For the visitors who will access Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu there will be an environmental contribution which has the purpose of improving and implementing environmental sustainability operations, purchasing equipment, promoting environmental protection and safeguard efforts and creating services to improve the visitor’s experience. The amount will be decided by the Town Council.

The environmental contribution (approved by Council Resolution No. 36 of 22/04/2022) required to access the beaches is:

  • Euro 2,00 for occasional users;
  • Euro 1,00 for users who have already paid the tourist tax in the municipality of San Teodoro, or who are enrolled in the TARI of the municipality of San Teodoro and for the customers of the beach establishments.
  • Excluded from paying the environmental contribution on servicesBUT NOT FROM THE RESERVATION will be: 1) people with special needs; 2) all children aged between 0 and 12 Years; 3) residents of the municipality of San Teodoro.
  • The opening hours of the beaches exclusively with reservation and payment of the environmental contribution will be from 08:00 to 20: 00.



To stay up to date with the information, we recommend following the institutional channels of San Teodoro comunesanteodoro.it/it – www.facebook.com/comunesanteodoro and also the channels of the tourist information office www.facebook.com/santeodoroturismo

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