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Health Testing Center at Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, Italy’s first airport hub.

11 Maggio 2021

An important territorial reality is born, thanks to the collaboration between Geasar Spa, the management company of the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, and the Mater Olbia Hospital, a regional health center of excellence.

The Health Testing Center is located in Olbia and more precisely inside a dedicated terminal of the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport (which is 25 km from San Teodoro): a large and welcoming 500sqm facility about 200 meters from the arrivals area of the airport.

The center was designed to facilitate the recovery of air traffic and local tourist flows in general. In fact, the Health Testing Center is open to all those who wish to take a test, foreign residents and tourists, and need a negative result in order to travel (always according to national and international regulations).

Booking is easy and online, using the Health Testing Center website. It is therefore possible from your smartphone.

To proceed with the booking simply select the type of test you intend to carry out, day and time in which you intend to undergo the test, enter the number of people who intend to take the test and their personal data and finally proceed with the online payment . Once the reservation has been made, a confirmation voucher will be sent by e-mail to be presented at the Reception of the Health Testing Center.

It is possible to book an antigen test or a molecular test, the waiting times for the result (which arrives via email) range from 30 minutes, for the antigen test, to 24 hours for the molecular one.

Furthermore, for those who need to have the result of the molecular test within 6 hours it is available

the “Molecular Premium 6H” option (with a surcharge compared to the classic molecular test).

This is the Healt Testing Center site to make reservations for tests and to read all the information relating to the service www.htcolbia.it

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