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Happy New Year from our Mayor

14 Maggio 2021

Dear citizens,
the year we leave behind is a year that we will not forget and will be remembered in the history books as an intense and important year. A year that has put a strain on our daily life, our way of loving and socializing, our economies, which has redefined our priorities and which in my opinion has made us stronger.

We had to explain to our children and grandchildren that everything would soon be back to normal, but we are still waiting for that. Many of us have had to reinvent our work, that of our collaborators and colleagues to try to make it to the end of the month and others, unfortunately, still need help and support.

Covid has affected ALL of US without distinction of sex, nationality. We have all been protagonists – in spite of ourselves – of a great problem; ALL, perhaps for the first time we felt equal citizens of the world.

The hope of returning to normality cannot and must not be lacking, also because although it was a difficult year, the community of San Teodoro never gave up and showed great respect and civic sense.

We faced a short and unpredictable summer, we did it with our usual commitment and welcomed tourists with our great hospitality.

Screenings for the school population and for the economic operators of the country have been activated, we have reopened the doors of the Municipality, allowing safe access to municipal offices and services, we have resumed the municipal councils and councils in new ways, we have sorry closed the schools, but we also quickly reopened them safely.

We had thought of small events for the Christmas holidays but unfortunately we had to cancel them to follow the new provisions; we did not give up and we organized an event for the little ones and a thought for people in difficulty.

For this and much more we must feel proud of ourselves, of our strength and of belonging to the community of San Teodoro.

I virtually embrace the whole Teodorina community and all the people who love our region and who visit us every year, a special thought to all those who are alone and who are in difficulty and to whom the whole administration clings warmly.

I tell everyone that we are working for you and that you are in our thoughts and projects.

A special thanks to all the municipal council, to the municipal employees, to the police, to the barracelli, to Don Alessandro, to the White Cross, to all the associations present in the area, to the management “renew San Teodoro” and to all the people who they show great civic sense and availability.

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