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Mount Nieddu

11 Maggio 2021

A unique ecosystem, at your fingertips

The mountain in San Teodoro is called Mount Nieddu, whose highest peak, Punta Magghjóri, is 970 meters above sea level.

The granite massif of Mount Nieddu is protected by the Sardinian Regional Law n ° 31/1989 which establishes areas of particular naturalistic and environmental importance. Mount Nieddu dominates the plain of San Teodoro and part of the Gallura coast… an extraordinary opportunity for a quality ecotourism for lovers of trekking among waterfalls and natural pools on the old way of coal miners or even mountain biking for the ring route, Mount Nieddu will fascinate you at every step: forests of holmoaks and cork trees, spectacular waterfalls, granite pinnacles shaped by the mistral wind especially a truly engaging and evocative panoramic view.

The silence of the mountain, the peace of nature, the ancient civilization of the crumbling stazzi among the vegetation of the Mediterranean macchia, the evolution of the hawk along the steep gorges … the holiday never ceases to amaze you.


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